Our Mission

Over the years the mission of Peculiar People has changed as we have sensed God moving us to new areas of wonder and frustration! For years our mission was to the Church, portraying & telling the news of freedom and grace. As it has been said, “we are evangelists to Christians.” In other words, it has been our goal to speak to the Church (through drama, of course) about wonder of God’s love and mercy. To remind congregations of why they came to Christ in the first place. We have found that in many circumstances, it is the people in our churches who most desperately need to be reminded of what the “abundant life” is really about: love, joy, peace and gratitude. And then to let these virtues lead you to joyfully loving others.

Sadly, many Christians have lost their “first love” and have become burdened with the junk and nonsense of the Evangelical subculture. In recent years we have been greatly influenced by Tim Keller and others who have inspired us and others to take the Kingdom of God outside the church and into the streets… so to speak. Hence, since moving to Greensboro, NC it has been our mission to “seek the peace of the city” (Jer. 29:7). It is our mission to bring the Kingdom of God in all its joy and wonder to the people of our city. In some ways you might say our mission is to put feet on our prayers when we pray “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done, on earth as it is heaven.” Our goal is to love others lavishly, work diligently and pray unceasingly for our neighbors and friends in our city and on our street.

We are seeking to fulfill our mission in two ways: 1) producing theatre and art that enhances our community; 2) bringing people together to experience community. This mission is becoming more and more a reality with advent of others partnering with us and the vision of The Hub.

We invite your participation, questions or comments about our mission.

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