Conforming or Transforming

Hilariously funny! Surprisingly touching. Based on Romans 12:1-2, this show begins with an insider’s look at the foibles of modern Christianity and ends with the truth and beauty of the Gospel. Left to our own devices; puffed-up knowledge, hypocrisies, petty criticisms, and quick judgements we sure can mess up the message. We need a grace infusion. The show includes "My Burden Has Been Lifted," "Sunday Special," and "Billy." Suitable for a wide variety of situations and all ages. Great for outreach situations, family nights, family camps. One of our most requested.

Approximate time: 1 hour

O, Missions!

Many churches are looking for something to spice-up their annual Missions Conference. This series of humorous and poignant vignettes is just the recipe for the occasion. The presentation is includes content about foreign and home missions. Our goal is to encourage the missionary as well as inspire the congregation to see how their faith can be translated into action. Includes "The Clicker," "Missions Scriptures," and "Billy."

Approximate time: 1 hour


In this collage of vulnerability issues of self-esteem, loneliness, hunger for acceptance and of course, the gift of God’s love are explored. Excellent for family gatherings and community outreach.

Approximate time: 45 min.—1 hour

Abba Father

This presentation demonstrates how we can move from mundane prayers to a dynamic interaction with our Heavenly Father. It reveals the timeless vitality of God’s Word through the dramatic use of Scripture. Ideal for Worship services, prayer conferences, and Sunday School.

Approximate time: 50 min.

FM Static

FM stands for Female/Male static! In this show the inner world of husband and wife relationships are in the spotlight! Close encounters of the worst kind! Be prepared to journey down halls of laughter and embarrassment as you will see yourself and your marital relationship with uneasy clarity. Includes "Diet Sketch," "Shoe Sketch," and "Word Picture." A must for retreat settings, marriage conferences, dinner theatre outreach and Valentine banquets.

Approximate time: 1 hour


Martin & Kate

Our favorite crowd-pleaser. This play is an intimate look at the sixteenth-century protestant reformer, Martin Luther, through the eyes of the person who knew him best, his wife Kate. As a young monk, Luther was plagued by guilt. He resented God’s high, unreachable standard set forth in the Gospel. (How well he understood our powerless position!) But through actually reading the Bible (which he hadn’t previously had opportunity to do) he came across Romans and the message of our Justification by FAITH. It radically changed his beliefs and therefore, his life. He gained courage, freedom, joy and ?a wife. Delightful, tender and inspirational, this show is packed with contemporary relevance on a historical backdrop. Ideal for Reformation Celebrations, Sunday evenings and family gatherings.

Approximate time: 1 hour

Earnest & Elizabeth - My Helpless Estate

This script was written to commemorate ten years of a medical mission to indigent people. But it’s surprising how universal the question is: Is Christ enough? Is his grace sufficient for our most difficult, on-going struggles? In the play Elizabeth Cowdry hopelessly wallows in her bitterness and self-pity. She’s an elderly woman with very few resources; she lives in poverty, her husband has died, her son and his family are too busy to care. Where is God in all of this? Through memories of her loving husband Ernest, their life together, their faith in God, and the grace they received she finally confronts the truth: Christ has regarded her helpless estate and has shed his own blood for her soul. Then we see a glimmer of hope for the future. This show touches on care of aging parents and needy neighbors, loss of a spouse, life’s changes that disrupt in violent ways. Great for pastor’s conferences, Sunday School, Sunday Evenings.

Approximate time: 45 min.

Living Hymns

Have you ever noticed in the middle of singing a hymn you’ve sung all your life that your mind is on the fuzz ball on the sweater in front of you and how much you’d like to reach out and pull it off? Come on, now. Be honest.

We have good news! By bringing to life the person behind the hymn and what went into the writing of it, we can bring new insight to the words and meaning of that old favorite you used to sing as a child.

Peculiar People’s show, Living Hymns, seeks to do just that. Living Hymns is a series of monologues (and dialogues in some cases) in which we have sought to capture and distill the hymn writers’ personalities and highlight the power and presence of God in their lives. These people, like us all, have intriguing stories, some poignant, some tragic, some lively, and some reflective. But all constrain us to glory in God and revel in his mercy.

There are eleven hymnwriters from which to choose and the hymn should be sung in their entirety after the monologue by the congregation, a choir or a soloist. The scenes range from ten to fifteen minutes in length not including the hymn sung after each scene. So the length of the show is very flexible depending on how many hymns are chosen. Includes Fanny Crosby, Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts, Elizabeth Prentiss (for "More Love to Thee, O Christ"), Horatio Spafford (for "It Is Well With My Soul"), John Newton, Isaac Watts among others.

Approximate time: 1 hour and 2 hour versions available as well as 7-15 minutes for one character.

The Happy Man (Re-Written for 2002)

You’ve probably seen witty, thought-provoking quotes taken from the writings of G.K. Chesterton. Ever wondered who this original thinker was? Well, we’ll tell you! He was a Christian journalist who lived in Britain at the turn of the century. He wrote daily articles for the London Times as well as many books, plays and poems. This full-length play is a highly energetic, fast-paced, endearing look at this happy man. His commitment to child-likeness is a pertinent picture for modern, driven Americans and his common sense response to moral, political and spiritual arguments are surprisingly up-to-the minute in their relevance. Wonderful for special occasions, dinner theatres, outreach events.
Approximate time: 1 hour and 15 min.


Drama Workshops

Before we tell you the What of our workshops, let us tell you the Why. We Christians must be prepared to speak to the coming generations in a language they understand. The Dramatic Arts is the language of the 21st century in America. We as a culture are thinking less and less abstractly and more and more visually. So we must be prepared to communicate the truth on this level.

Now the What: When we come into a church for a day-long workshop it is not realistic to expect full-fledged professional actors by the end of four to six hours. So through a short lecture on the philosophy of Christianity and the Arts, improv games, scene work, and ensemble building exercises we seek to inspire your group to use their gifts creatively and to seek a higher level of professionalism.

Our workshops are designed for late-teens and adults.

Approximate time: 4 & 6 hour versions availble for one day workshops. 2-3 day workshops also available.

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