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Peculiar People Bios .pdf 40 kb click here none
Repertoire .pdf 2.1 MB click here none
Peculiar People Logo:

Pantone 326
Pantone 202
Pantone 111

Peculiar People's management must approve any grayscale images of this logo. Contact them immediately with a proof of the image before publishing any grayscale image.

.eps 1.2 MB click here 7
.gif 7.6 kb click here
.pdf 194 kb click here
.tiff 4.5 MB click here
Peculiar People Photos:
Head Shot (B&W) .gif 16 kb click here 4
.jpg 4.4 MB click here
.tif 24 MB click here
Head Shot (Color) .gif 22 kb click here 5
.jpg 12 MB click here
.tif 91 MB click here
Studio Shot (Color) .gif 12 kb click here 6
.jpg 3 MB click here
.tif 14 MB click here
Peculiar People Posters:
Poster (B&W) 81/2 x 11 .pdf 1.7 MB click here 1
Poster (Color) 81/2 x 11 .pdf 5.8 MB click here 3
Poster (Color) 11 x 17 .pdf 9.3 MB click here 2

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